On Wednesday, February 7, the eighteenth edition of the World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality, Qualicer 2024, to be held on March 5 and 6 at the Castellón Chamber of Commerce, was presented at the Castellón Chamber of Commerce.

This congress, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Castellón, continues to be the center of knowledge, innovation and excellence in the ceramic sector. An appointment of the ceramic cluster that “has proven to be an unparalleled platform for collaboration, exchange of ideas and joint progress towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for our industry,” according to the Co-President of Qualicer and President of the Chamber of Commerce Mª Dolores Guillamón.

The presentation ceremony of Qualicer’24 was attended by a large number of authorities and representatives of the Castellón ceramic cluster, as well as professional associations and businessmen. The President of the Chamber opened the event accompanied by the Co-President of Qualicer and Dean of the Official College of Industrial Engineers, Juan Vicente Bono Sales, who said that this edition already has more than 400 participants from over 12 countries, 54 papers, 20 posters, 9 outstanding sessions, 7 round tables and two keynote speeches. Bono pointed out as a novelty the artificial intelligence table, “necessary for the ceramic industry to make a qualitative leap”.

Next to speak was the Deputy for Ceramic Promotion, Vicente Pallarés, who raised his voice to support the ceramic sector of the province, “Spanish ceramics is synonymous with Castellón, a territory that not only produces a lot, but does it better than anyone else”.

Pallarés stressed that the congress allows “to share and disseminate the advances and knowledge related to industrial ceramics that is generated anywhere on the planet” in a “gesture of solidarity and generosity with all professionals, researchers and experts in the world”. The Deputy positions Qualicer as “the best presentation card of ceramics from Castellón to the world and will again be a great success for our ceramic industry and for our province”, a fundamental appointment to “continue reinventing flat ceramics to conquer the highest segments of the most important markets in the world”.

Next, the General Director of Industry, Manuel Rosalén, who asked for “urgent help”, “from the public administrations we must show commitment” and claimed that “the general administration of the state has to take a step forward because it is the one that has the financial capacity”.

Rosalén referred to the concept of resilience, stressing that “it was invented by the ceramics sector, which has been constantly reinventing itself for 20 years to reduce emissions”.

The Mayoress of Castellón, Begoña Carrasco, was in charge of closing the official presentation of Qualicer’24, highlighting the coincidence of the congress with the Magdalena festivities, citing it as an “opportunity for attendees to learn about the culture and traditions of the city”. Carrasco wanted to raise his voice to request “more aid and measures to prevent the dismantling of the sector on which thousands of families depend on Castellón”.

The Mayor of the city pledged to prioritize the use of ceramics from Castellón in future public works, “we want ceramics to be the real skin of our environment”. And she also took advantage of the presence of the sub-delegate of the Government in Castellón, Antonia García Valls, to ask her “to be an ally so that they take us seriously, and not just listen to us because we need support and not handouts.

Carrasco said that this sector is history and present, and we want it to be the future.

We are only a few days away from the celebration of this global event, a space for reflection on the future, and with the aim of finding answers to numerous challenges.