At the last edition of Qualicer, a specialized session on slip resistance was held, including hands-on demonstrations.

The importance of slip resistance in floor tiles is increasing, especially in terms of sustainability and durability. The congress addressed these developments, highlighting improvements in testing methods and the introduction of an innovative system for evaluating wear. In addition, details were shared on recent testing in Spain, highlighting improvements in testing consistency and reliability, as well as accreditation systems for laboratories.

For Qualicer 2024, an open discussion on new developments is planned, with authors of papers on skid resistance and other experts giving short presentations. The continuing progress of the pendulum testing method will be explored in depth, with a summary of recent Spanish proficiency tests in which 87 laboratories participated. In addition, a world premiere of a novel accelerated wear conditioning system will be presented.

The session will feature keynote speakers Richard Bowman, Director of Intertile Research in Australia, and Stephen Charles Thorpe, Health and Safety Advisor specializing in slippage from the UK.

This event is presented as a significant driver for innovation and excellence in the tile industry.