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International leaders of the ceramic tile industry will debate strategic issues to be faced by the sector in the near future.

Michele Dondi

Head researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC-CNR Faenza, Italy)

The purpose of this contribution is to draw a critical picture of the situation of the ceramic tile industry, which must face the challenge of converting to a low carbon economy, from the point of view of the management of raw materials and the circular economy, discussing criticalities and providing scenarios for product innovation. The actions put in place to improve sustainability of ceramic tiles (pollution prevention, environmental labels, best available technologies, industrial technology roadmap, standard on sustainability) are briefly reviewed to highlight how resource efficiency is involved. The pitfalls along the path to a low-carbon economy are outlined through Life Cycle Assessment results: hotspot diagnosis and remediation proposals. The role of resource efficiency in sustainability practices is critically discussed with regards to logistics, waste valorization, technological value of raw materials, critical raw materials and hazardous substances, and the circularity of the ceramic tile industry.

The panel debate seeks to analyse the case of new industrial groups owned by (industrial or financial) investment funds.

Do they have greater resources for growth, innovation, …? Are they more professionalised and more formalised organisations? Can their presence in other industrial sectors benefit the ceramic sector? What other benefits do they contribute to the social fabric of the areas where they establish themselves?

The advantages and disadvantages in regard to agility in strategic decision-making and in customer and supplier relationship management will also be addressed, drawing upon the wide-ranging experience of panel members in businesses with different types of ownership.

The following panel members have confirmed their participation:

Giorgio Severi

Managing Director of SITI B&T Iberica and Internationl Business Director of SITI B&T Group

Rogelio Vila

CEO of Equipe Cerámicas (Spain)

Fernando Tomás

Inkjet Product Global Director (Spain)

José Luis Lanuza

Head of the Ceramic Tile Division of Victoria PLC

The opening panel debate, the Globalization of the Ceramic Tile Industry, has been held at Qualicer since 2014. International leaders of the ceramic tile manufacturing industry debate strategic issues to be faced by the sector in the near future. They’ll also discuss about commercial and industrial policies that make industrial investment feasible in different geographical areas.

The panel will analyse the main technological and business innovations in the ceramic tile sector.


The following panel members have confirmed their participation:

Greg Mather

President of Crossville Inc. (USA)

Giovanni Savorani

President of Cofindustria Ceramica (Italy)

Vicente Nomdedeu

Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) (Spain)

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