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The opening panel debate, the Globalization of the Ceramic Tile Industry, has been held at Qualicer since 2014. International leaders of the ceramic tile manufacturing industry debate strategic issues to be faced by the sector in the near future. They’ll also discuss about commercial and industrial policies that make industrial investment feasible in different geographical areas.

The panel will analyse the main technological and business innovations in the ceramic tile sector.

In this edition and with the aim of bringing the debate closer to the vision of the final client, Rick Church, CTDA Executive Director (CTDA Ceramic Tile Distributor Association, USA) will chair the debate.

The following panel members have confirmed their participation:

Sergio Narváez, Lamosa Group (Mexico)

José Cifre,  Director General Director of Argenta Cerámica (Spain)

Alfredo Peña, CEO of Graiman (Ecuador)

Rick Church, CTDA Executive Director (EEUU)

New colour management technologies are being rapidly developed. They not only facilitate decision-making for implementing new production start-ups by clarifying possibilities, shortening times and cutting production costs. They also allow equalising tones in lines running different hardware and pursuing what appeared impossible: suppressing differences in shades.

At Qualicer 2020, experts from leading corporate solution providers in this field will discuss the current situation, their short- and middle-term perspectives, as well as the training needs for such management.

The panel debate will be chaired by Sergio Cepria, Digital Solutions Deputy Manager at the Esmalglass-Itaca Group.

The following members have confirmed their participation: 

Javier Martí. Technical Director LARGE, Color Solutions (Spain)

Juan Martorell, CEO ColorInLab Color Consulting SL (Spain)

Chaired by:
Sergio Cepriá,
Digital Solutions Deputy Manager,  Esmalglass-Itaca Group  (Spain)

Esmalglass Itaca

Three top managers, from international companies at the forefront of innovation and technology, will be analysing in depth the challenges facing machinery, materials, and services providers when it comes to helping clients develop their own strategies. Do they receive different demands from clients who go for differentiation compared to those who pursue cost efficiency? Do they develop different research lines to meet different strategic needs? Does technology facilitate or impede differentiation? Do companies solely depend on marketing and the sales channel to defend their prices? What are the foreseeable changes in the middle term in that sense?

Fabio Tarozzi,

Presidente y Director Ejecutivo de SITI – B&T GROUP S.p.A (Italia)

Martin Harberl,
Director General Zschimmer & Schwarz (Alemania)

José Miguel Monzó,

Director General del Grupo Torrecid

Moderador: Jose Manrique

Country Manager Spain y European Frit Business Manager FERRO