Travelling to Spain – COVID-19 regulations

If you are travelling to QUALICER from a country outside Spain, check the latest updates and restrictions on COVID-19 in Spain and the European Union on the following reference websites:

EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE Find all the information you need about the EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE, as well as the recognition of COVID certificates from third countries

RE-OPEN EU provides information on the various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers, the EU Digital COVID certificate to help you exercise your right to free movement, and mobile coronavirus contact tracing and warning apps. The information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages. This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy.

SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH PORTAL To protect your health, the Government of Spain has implemented a series of measures to protect the general public’s health, including health control of passengers upon arrival in Spain. From this website you can fill out the health control form and obtain your QR Code, to be shown at the control points upon arrival in Spain.

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