Covid-19 breakfasts and lunches


Since last December 4th, 2021 in Valencia Region it will be compulsory to present the vaccination certificate, diagnostic test or Covid-19 recovery certificate in certain establishments, premises and events.

The person who wants to access these establishments, premises and events, has to present, along with the document proving his/her identity, any of the certificates provided, digitally or on paper, to the people appointed for access control, who will carry out the verification.

Where is it compulsory?

  • Hotels and restaurants, with a capacity of more than 50 people.
  • Leisure and entertainment, with a capacity of more than 50 people.
  • Premises of recreational and gambling activities, with restaurant service.
  • Hospitals, for visits (when allowed).
  • Social services nursing homes, for visits.
  • Events, celebrations and music festivals attended by more than 500 people and where the use of the mask is not always feasible

Therefore, according to current regulations, all those congress attendees wishing to attend the working breakfasts and lunches, which will take place at the QUALICER venue , will have to present one of the following certificates:


There are three types of EU COVID Digital certificate. The digital accreditation is collected in a QR code on the certificate that will contain the essential information, as well as a digital signature to ensure that the certificate is authentic.


Available if you have received any dose of the COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID Digital Vaccination Certificate, allows to prove that the person has received doses of the vaccines against COVID approved by the EU.
It can be issued from 24 hours after the administration of each of the doses


Available if you have had a PCR for COVID in the last 72 hours or an antigen test 48 hours ago.

COVID Digital Diagnostic Certificate, confirms that the person has a negative result of a COVID diagnostic test, which can be PCR or antigen. The validity of this certificate will be 72 hours for the PCR test and 48 hours for the antigen test from its completion. In order to be able to accredit the results of the antigen tests, it must have been carried out with one of the commercial kits approved by the EU


Available if you have confirmed COVID-19 with a positive PCR test less than 180 days ago. The European regulation does not allow a positive antigen test as a recovery certificate.

COVID Digital Recovery Certificate, digitally accredits, in the QR code, that the person has recovered from COVID after having confirmed their illness by means of a positive PCR test. This certificate will be valid from the 11th day after taking the positive PCR sample until 180 days later. The European regulation does not allow a positive antigen test as a certificate of recovery. You can consult the Regulation (EU) relating to the EU CCD on the following page of the Ministry of Health. Section: European Union Regulations.


These certificates will not be compulsory to attend the congress sessions where, in any case, the use of the mask will be required.