Chairman and CEO of SITI – B & T GROUP

Born in Formigine (Modena) in 1965, in 1990 he graduated from the Modena University in Economics and Trade specialising in Business Economics.

In 1991, he began an internship at S.C.O.A S.r.l. in which he essentially dealt with business consulting. In 1993 he joined Barbieri & Tarozzi Group S.p.A., today Siti-B&T Group in which, in 1997, he held the position of Sales Manager, developing an activity of completion and implementation of the global sales network.

During the 90s, he was, among others, a member of the Board of Directors at Carimonte Banca S.p.A. In January 2003, he was appointed General Manager, carrying out the merger between the Barbieri & Tarozzi Group and the Nassetti Group from Milan, thus transforming the company into a supplier of turnkey complete lines for the production of ceramic tiles. In July 2007 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

He is also the President of Projecta Engineering S.r.l and FoShan SITI B&T Ceramic Technology Co. Ltd. He is currently a member of the Management Board of Barbieri & Tarozzi Ibérica S.L.

After two terms as Vice President of the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics, he was elected President of the Association for a period of four years in June 2012. In February 2015 assumes the role of President of Ancora SpA, as a result of its integration in the Siti-B & T group.

He currently holds the position of Vice President at Federmeccanica, in his second term.