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International leaders of the ceramic tile manufacturing industry will be debating the need for strategic conditions and industrial policies that make industrial investment feasible.

The panel will also analyse the main technological and business innovations in the ceramic tile sector.

Issues discussed at Qualicer 2014 and 2016 will be followed up,  as well as any new topics identified during the organization of Qualicer 2018.

Till now, the following panel members have confirmed their participation:

Grespania Ceramica
Grespania is an international ceramic manufacturing company, producing collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs. A combination of ongoing investment in further improving the manufacturing process, continual adaption to latest advances in design, and a permanent concern for the ‘good of the environment’ have all helped ‘stamp’ the Grespania brand as a global market leader for the past 40 years.
In addition to its production facilities in Spain, the company also has 5 subsidiaries companies serving as distribution hubs in strategic European countries: France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.


 is one of the largest manufacturers in North and Central America, Interceramic is proud to have established 10 manufacturing facilities with production capacity in excess of 450 million square feet annually, with over 4,500 employees world-wide.
Additionally, Interceramic is committed to service the North and Central American customer and has established an extensive distribution system in the United States that includes 13 company owned showrooms, 3 distribution centers and 53 independent distributors throughout the US and Canada, as well as over 300 retail locations throughout Mexico, Asia and Central America.

At Somany Ceramics, we are India’s 3rd largest manufacturer and marketer of tiles and also offer wide range of Sanitary ware and Bath Fittings. We export our products to more than 55 countries across 6 continents.
The company has manufacturing plants in Kadi (Gujarat) and Kassar (Haryana), India and other joint venture plants, generating a production capacity of 41 million sq. Meters annually.

Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana adopts an industrial policy that is powerfully focussed on technological innovation and environmental sustainability.
The Company is intensively engaged in research and experimentation for continuous product improvement in terms of appearance and performance.
All its manufacturing, research and innovation take place in 100% Italian-based plants and laboratories.
factories , 1000 employees, 24,000,000 square metres of stoneware tiles a year, all made in Italy
70 countries in 5 continents, served by its widespread sales network

The architect has a clear role in the prescription of material during the design and draft of the project, as well as in the correct installation during the work management.  However the profession is present in more scopes such as universities and education centres, professional associations and schools, organisations that promote the correct qualification of installers and best practice in construction or in the tile manufacturers themselves, both on a technical and management level.

This session will analyse the current coordination of architect activity from said scopes and will attempt to identify areas for improvement.  It will also analyse how the result of the work is applied, enriched or distorted by the various agents that participate as well in the design phase, by the general contractor and by the various agents that work on site with the installer.

Together with the architecture professionals, installers will also participate with the objective of analysing the true impact of the efforts mentioned above.

There will be an overview of the market in the United States and in Spain through individual presentations. Later on these overviews will be discussed at a debate table so that dialogue between the various roles becomes enriched with the experience of professionals from different markets.

The confirmed participants in the session are: